County Sligo: Enniscrone

Thursday 27th July 2017. Heavy Rain in afternoon and evening.

Enniscrone (population about 1,200) is a small seaside town, 15 kilometres (9 miles) from Ballina. It is in County Sligo.

There are a lot of “holiday cottages” here and my wife, son, daughter in law, baby and some members of her family had rented one for a week. Holiday cottages are a feature of Irish seaside towns. They are modern and easily identified by their uniformity. Typically four bedroomed and while pricey for the average family, they are ideally suited to an extended family. Typically two or more cars sit outside each house. And typically, the registration plates on the cars indicate that the holiday makers are from different parts of Ireland.

Enniscrone has a very fine “links” golf course and a centre for salmon fishing, so no surprise to see a very modern and expensive looking hotel at the edge of the town. A strange statue…a black pig, is situated across the road from the hotel. “The Black Pig” is the mascot of the town.

The “multiview” postcard below sums it up. Beach, Black Pig, Golf, Seaweed Baths and Sunsets.


But the big problem with Irish seaside holidays is the weather. Yes, of course we have warm summer days and pleasant to be on a beach. But our weather is less reliable than Spain, Portugal and Greece and many Irish people travel abroad in summer.

Beach holidays in Ireland are endured as much as enjoyed and during my visit to Enniscrone, the evening weather was pretty bad. But with Enniscrone being one of Ireland’s leading Surfing venues, there were a couple of folks braving the elements. Not exactly Beach Boys and California Girls.

Enniscrone2 Enniscrone1

This was the first night of the annual weekend “Black Pig Festival”. A small carnival/funfair in town and a group playing Elvis Presley songs outside the Catholic Church. A small parade of about fifty children was led by a very large inflatable and very pink pig.


This kinda festival is fairly typical of Irish life. The local hook in Enniscrone is the ancient legend of a murderous and very savage black pig who caused havoc and was eventually defeated and eaten by the local people.

Enniscrone3 Enniscrone4

I only had one night in Enniscrone and next afternoon, I returned to Dublin via the Route 22 Coach from Ballina.


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